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Additions to Book of Esther

There is a large degree of variety in the presentation of the Greek
additions to the Book of Esther. In the Greek, the additions appear throughout the text, and are fully incorporated into the rest of the narrative. The 1611 Authorized Version simply pulled these passages out of the text, and listed them consecutively as chapters at the end of the book, sometimes in the wrong order, where they lack context and where their actual meaning can be difficult to discern.

Compounding the difficulty is the use of Greek names in the Apocryphal
section, whereas the rest of Esther in the King James uses the Hebrew
names. Thus "Mordecai" becomes "Mardocheus" and "Ahasuerus
" becomes "Artaxerxes

Older Roman Catholic Bibles used a system of numbering the chapters which does not agree with the Protestant numbering, but more recent ones retain the Protestant numbering by incorporating the Apocryphal sections into the text, but designating those chapters with letters (Chapter A, Chapter B, etc.) instead of numbers. Modern Roman Catholic Bibles also consistenly use Hebrew proper names throughout, even in the Greek sections.

Chapter 10 (This section actually comes at the very end of Esther in Greek, and is called "Chapter F" in Roman Catholic Bibles.)
Chapter 11 (This section opens Esther in the Greek, and is called "Chapter A:1-11" in Roman Catholic Bibles.)
Chapter 12 (This section is designated Chapter A:12-17 in Roman Catholic Bibles, and comes between A:1-11 (King James Chapter 11 above) and Chapter 1.)
Chapter 13 (This section is between Esther 3:13 and Esther 3:14 , and is called "Chapter B" in Roman Catholic Bibles.)
Chapter 14 (This section is designated "Esther C:12-30" in Roman Catholic Bibles. It precedes Chapter D (King James Chapter 15 below) and follows the Prayer of Mordecai (C:1-11), which follows Chapter 4 in the Hebrew.)
Chapter 15 (This section is designated "Chapter D" in Roman Catholic Bibles. It follows Esther C:12-30 (King James Chapter 14 above) and precedes Chapter 5 in the Hebrew.)
Chapter 16 (This section is designated "Chapter E" in Roman Catholic Bibles, and comes between Esther 8:12 and Esther 8:13 in the Hebrew.)

Entirely missing from the King James collection of additions is the Prayer of Mordecai (Mardocheus) which follows Chapter 4 in the Hebrew and precedes Chapter 15 above. That section is designated "Esther C:1-11" is Roman Catholic Bibles.

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